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Vaccine Passport - Significance, Functioning, Challenges & More

As the coronavirus vaccination programme is in its full swing all around the world, humankind has started to feel ...

Regeneron’s antibody cocktail effective in preventing Covid-19

Regeneron’s antibody cocktail became the topic of current interest for everybody ...

What are Superfoods and why should you eat them?

The term “superfood” is rather a fresh term, although as per experts and nutritionists, there is no such thing as ...

Is plant-based meat is healthier than real Meat?

Plant based meat - things which may instantly come to mind after hearing this term must be canned chickpeas, bloc ...

Food Waste Management - "Unconsumed Food For Thought"

food waste can be perceived as a complete edible food that was initially prepared and harvested for uptake by hum ...

Energy Efficient Building – Importance and Benefits

Energy happens to be the pre-eminent key factor for development of any nation ...

Virtual Classroom- Another Way to Connect with Students Online

The acceptance and demand for virtual classrooms have taken giant strides over the years ...

Virtual Reality In Gaming

Each industry goes through an evolution with the transition of time, and the gaming industry isn’t an exception ...

Health Tourism Is Sustainable or Not?

Health Tourism, a presently prevailing phenomenon, can be widely described as tourism that enhances the mental ...

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