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The information provided as a part of the report is based mainly on the views provided by our primary respondents and industry experts, and therefore, is subject to changeability. Therefore, Meridian Market Consultants does not take any responsibility for incorrect information supplied to us by the industry vendors.

The information provided as a part of the services offered by Meridian Market Consultants, are meant for customer's internal use only and not for disclosing it to third parties or general publication.

The report may not be reproduced, leased, sold or shared in part or in full to any other party not covered within the terms and conditions stated, without the explicit permission of Meridian Market Consultants.

Moreover, no section of the report/article/blog/info-graphic may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, mechanical, recording or otherwise without legal consent of Meridian Market Consultants.

All statements of opinion, fact, or analysis expressed in report/article/blog/info-graphic are those of the respective analysts. They do not essentially replicate formal positions or views of Meridian Market Consultants. While every aspect of the market in question has been carefully considered and analyzed when generating the report and predicting the course of the market over the forecast period, the same cannot be considered to be any guarantee of the actual change in dynamics of the market in future. Meridian Market Consultants thus, is not liable for any decisions whether short- or long-term based on the reports offered by it. The client assumes complete responsibility for all assumptions made that are based on the report.

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